SoCal Ride for Parkinson’s Foundation Sponsorship

Due to our incredible sponsors, we are able to give to The Michael J Fox Foundation 100% of the money raised by individuals.  Please try to use them whenever you are in need of their services or products.


There are three categories of sponsorship levels.

There is the LEGACY level.

These are individual and small businesses that have helped from the very beginning. They will be recognized for their ongoing support, recognition the day of the event and on the website.

Sponsorship Level for individuals or companies

In order to maintain our commitment that 100% of all funds raised by individuals will go directly to Parkinson’s research we need money to help put on the ride.


For $250.00 you can help fund the SoCal Ride for Parkinson’s. In return you will get a SoCal Ride for Parkinson’s golf shirt and know that you are helping Parkinson’s research.


Make checks payable to 

SoCal Ride for Parkinson’s Foundation

2501 E. 16th Street, Unit I

Newport Beach, CA 92663

There is the CORPORATE level.

Corporations will be recognized on the day of event, recognition on the website and may designate up to three (3) riders based upon level of sponsorship.


  • Platinum – $5,000 (3 riders)
  • Gold – $2,500 (2 riders)
  • Silver – $1,000 (1 rider)

If there are more people who want to ride from the same corporation please contact:



Bob Lear 
(949) 500-3024

There is the INDIVDUAL level.

At this level,  individuals will be recognized the day of the event and recognition on the website. 

If the individual rides or walks/runs, these amounts are above the registration fee and fundraising goal of $250.

  • Platinum – $1,000
  • Gold – $500
  • Silver – $250

If you are interested in becoming a sponsor please contact Bob Lear at 949-500-3024,
Brian McGuire at 714-697-7963, Brad Pierce (310) 261-1669, Fred DiLuizio (714) 349-6467, Craig Willardson (951) 733-0200
 or Marty Furman at 714-624-7560.

Tax ID # 84-4136875

Please make checks out payable to SoCal Ride for Parkinson’s Foundation.